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Our Donors

The Lindfield East Community Garden would like to recognize our loyal donors who go above and beyond to support this project year after year. Their donations have allowed us to grow (pun intended) from a small half-acre garden to what it is today. 

Individual Donors

  • Hillary Hodge
  • Zeph Johns
  • Xanthus Whitley
  • Skyler Fry 
  • Wilma Barr
  • Deacon Cote
  • Madonna Moses
  • Seth Moore
  • Stacey Petty 
  • The McMillan Family 
  • The Patel Family 

Corporate Donors

  • Blue Sky Organics 
  • Perry Seed Co. 
  • The Soil Lab 
  • Pepper Pantry Parlor 
  • The Shovel Shop 
  • Sheds R Us 
  • The Till and Drill Team
  • The Home Garden Megastore
  • Green Living University 
  • National Parks Services